The Acts of the Apostles from Jerusalem to Rome



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Christianity has been the most powerful religious force in the history of Western civilization. Where and how did this movement begin?

Through Divine orchestration, it exploded into existence in Jerusalem twenty centuries ago and swept across the landscape of antique society like a storm in full fury.

By the time of Stephen’s death, Jerusalem could boast of twenty thousand Christians. As the first century drew to a close, there were more than one hundred thousand people in Rome alone who professed allegiance to the Carpenter from Galilee.

The book of Acts is the exciting record of the establishment and growth of the church of Christ — from Jerusalem to Rome. It was written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by Luke, one of the most brilliant historians ever to put pen to parchment.


The Acts of the Apostles from Jerusalem to Rome

For many years, the book of Acts was a favorite target of biblical critics, Time and again, though, this document has been vindicated by the discoveries of archaeology.

Wayne Jackson has produced a commentary on the book of Acts that is scholarly, yet very readable. This volume will be an enrichment to Bible students for generations.

Study the book of Acts and rediscover the birth of the church of Christ.

Hardback; 442 pages including extensive bibliography.