Principles of Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course

“One of the most important areas of biblical study is that of Bible prophecy … the child of God who neglects this important topic ignores a vast storehouse of truth, misses the enormous planning and implementation of the divine plan, and robs himself of a deep reservoir of faith.” —Wayne Jackson

Who Would Like To Acquire The Important Skill Of Understanding And Interpreting Bible Prophecy?

Wayne Jackson’s Principles of Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course is considered by those few who were able to participate in this course to be one of the most useful and valuable studies on the very important topic of Old Testament Prophecy.

Absolutely The Best Teaching Resource

I probably was one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity to order Wayne Jackson’s Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course. I have listened to all the lessons and read along with them. They are absolutely without a doubt the best teaching resource I personally have encountered.

Patricia Games

The ability of God’s chosen prophets to predict the future has to be one of the most important and interesting topics of Bible study. Old Testament prophecy is one of the most important evidences for Christ’s deity and the credibility of the Biblical record.

But sadly, this keystone of truth is also one of the most abused areas of Bible study.

Abused, distorted, and corrupted by sensational fanatics. Attacked, undermined, and demeaned by pseudo-scholars influenced by atheistic thought.

Fortifying our faith in the word of God begins by examining with a microscope of faithful and qualified instruction the marks of Bible inspiration.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the attacks on the Bible’s inspiration … even some coming from our own brethren!

To combat this erosion of faith, Wayne Jackson conducted an extended Bible study on the basic principles of Old Testament prophecy. The detail and logical development of this vital subject is a “must” for any serious Bible student.

Old Testament Prophecy — “Simply Amazing!”

“The new series is simply amazing! Each lesson is riveting and overflowing with spiritual, educational, and edifying material. I was so excited to hear each lesson, couldn’t wait for the next lesson—but then sad knowing that I was one lesson closer to the last lesson—but then re-excited knowing I can start back at lesson one and listen all over again. Thank you all so much for the whole package … wonderful, wonderful job!!!

Brad Toy


The Principles of Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course was taught in a live, classroom environment over a period of ten weeks and as part of a more extensive and advanced class on biblical prophecy. Since completing the entire course would take more than a year, it is likely that this program of study will never be repeated. The instructor has moved on to other studies and classes for his eager Bible students.

However, the content of this important study has been preserved and encapsulated into a home study resource which you can own. And unlike a live class, you can take your time with the material and return to it repeatedly until you master these foundational principles of understanding and interpreting Old Testament prophecy.

If you consider yourself an in-depth Bible student, then you too will jump at this chance to get this detailed course on such an important Bible topic.

But people may wonder …

“Is a resource like this is really worth getting?”

Yes, it really is. But don’t take my word for it. Carefully read the following letter I received from someone who has acquired not one, but three copies of this very useful and worthwhile program.

A Real Blessing; Would Buy For A Total Stranger

I purchased Wayne’s Old Testament Prophecy Course and it has been a real blessing. My Old Testament knowledge is really lacking and this helps tremendously. I am not writing to ask for anything, just wanting to make an offer. If there is someone who cannot afford to buy one, I am willing to buy the course for that individual.

Keep up the great work for the Kingdom. It is sorely needed in this old world today.


Did you read that??? Mike was so impressed with Wayne Jackson’s home study course on Old Testament prophecy, he said he would buy a copy and give it to a complete stranger! Actually, he bought and gave away two copies … to people he didn’t even know.

QUESTION: Ask yourself, “What does that say about the quality and value of this resource, that people who have purchased it are willing to buy additional copies and give them away to total strangers?”

You would think with proof like this, everyone would be hopping to get their own.

But … the sad truth is …

This is NOT for everybody.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think that everybody could profit from a study of Bible prophecy?

And everyone would in the best of circumstances. But the reality is, there are many who will always struggle with anything other than milk. This was true in the first century (Heb. 5:12), and it is still true today.

Because some never see the value in spending much time in a deep and personal study of the Word of God. An occasional worship service or a casual once-in-a-while reading in the Psalms is enough. And some find much more pleasure in entertainment or tending to physical needs than they ever will in making an investment in their own personal spiritual development.

The truth is, I suppose, you don’t need to master this information on Bible prophecy to be a faithful child of God or even a valuable contributor in his kingdom. Many are getting by with far less.

However, there are people who can never get enough … people who are not satisfied with what satiates the average person … who have the most serious interest and intrigue, and even obsession with having a complete and thorough understanding of the word, including the function, purpose, and value of Old Testament prophecy.

If that’s you, then you will welcome this extended series personally taught by Wayne Jackson, and I’m confident you will delight in the detailed and challenging nature of this class and, like others, you will rank it as one of the all-time best investments in your own spiritual development.

Here’s What’s Included:


Principles of Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course

Now, here are some of the specific “nuggets” you’ll find in this unique program. Please take a moment and read them all—don’t skip over this or skim.

Contemplate what incorporating this knowledge into your life and teaching might mean, in heightened interest and impact, in enhancing your ability to teach this information to others and become a focal point for their understanding of the Holy Scriptures:

  • The basic meaning and definition of “prophecy” …
  • The three different types of miraculous prophecy … most people are familiar with only one!
  • The importance of testing prophets …
  • The 3-part “acid test” of supernatural predictive prophecy
  • Biblical prophecy’s most important benefit
  • The two major variations of biblical predictive prophecy
  • A mini crash-course on the symbolic language in Old Testament prophecy
  • The real reason why some commentators DON’T abuse SOME symbolic prophecies
  • Examples of symbolic language in prophecy
  • A key to interpreting the exact meaning of many symbols in prophetic language
  • The nature and purpose of apocalyptic language
  • Case studies of Old Testament people, cities, and nations

What Wayne Jackson’s Principles of
Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course is NOT:

This resource is not a small, abbreviated paperback book to be casually read for personal enjoyment … although, if you are an eager Bible student, you will thoroughly enjoy feasting on this very interesting topic.

It is not a quick reference tool that you can simply graze through and find a quickie answer in a crunch, although your will likely refer back to these lessons over and over.

Most importantly, the Principles of Old Testament Prophecy course is not a simple one-time purchase and done resource that you can let sit on the shelf. This is a course which will implant understanding in your mind about the nature and purpose of Old Testament prophecy.

The knowledge gained from this course will affect how you think about the complex and intricate planning of God at work in the unfolding of his marvelous plan … for YOU!

Owning this class and having the ability to rehearse the lessons at will is a huge benefit. And each time you review this course over the years to come, you will pick up rich points which you seemingly missed before.

When you open the attractive, protective album and pop in one of the ten CD’s, it’s like having Wayne Jackson as your personal tutor to guide you through the maze of this delicate topic.

Whether you are listening to your lessons in your car while driving down the road, or in the convenience of your comfortable chair at home, you will have the experience of sitting at the feet of a skilled teacher in a close, intimate setting … engaged with his students and answering their questions or responding to their comments.

If you should decide to study at a more in-depth level, you will want to sit down at your kitchen table or some other “work-like” environment and follow along with your specially prepared study guide which goes hand in hand with the audio lessons.

The spiral bound study guide contains the comprehensive lesson text along with a special place on each page for you to write down your own personal thoughts or to make important notations for later recall.

And when you are ready to advance to the next level as a public or personal Bible class teacher, you will be happy to find the detailed and comprehensive outlines for each lesson … perfect to copy and hand out to your students if you so choose.

You will also have at your fingertips a classroom discussion guide with each lesson which is comprised of suggested questions carefully designed to confirm your student’s learning and understanding of the material.


I received the “Principles of Old Testament Prophecy” yesterday. I had
the opportunity to go through the first lesson just now and found it
excellent, as are all of the materials I have received from Christian
. It will be of great assistance in teaching my current series
on the Minor Prophets and after listening to the first class I may teach
a full class on Bible Prophecy. Thanks again.

Ted Billingsley

“Do I Have To Be A Teacher?”

Do you have to be a teacher to make use of all that is included in Wayne Jackson’s Principles of Old Testament Prophecy Home Study Course?

No. It is designed primarily for your own personal spiritual education and benefit.

However, I’m sure you will want to share some of your knowledge with others on some level, and we give you the tools to do exactly that in whatever capacity is right for you.

The content is rich. If you are truly a hungry Bible student, feast on this.

So, should YOU invest in this Course?

If … you have an intense interest in Old Testament prophecy …

If … you have the desire to teach this topic to others at a level a “cut above” the average …

If … you are cognizant of the need to shore up our confidence and faith in the word of God …

If you would like to dramatically elevate your understanding of the prophetic literature in the Bible, then you must own and immerse yourself in this.

You will be taken deep inside a most thoughtful, deliberate, purposed and spiritual process of understanding the essence of Old Testament prophecy.

“How Do I Get It?”

This resource is on its way to you as soon as you complete the check out process. Start by clicking on the big orange button below.


Jared Jackson

P.S. - Of course, you are GUARANTEED to find this an immensely valuable resource, or invited to return everything for a full refund, no questions, no hassle within 365 days of your purchase. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year marks 46 years of the influential teaching of brother Jackson. I consider it a real honor to be his son and, with relatively few others, to have had the privilege of sitting at his feet receiving the fruit of his study and wisdom for so many years. And now, to be the one who is bringing some of his best instruction on what he considers some of the most important topics in the church today-forgotten by many, needed by all. I want your agreement with that, or I want you to have your money back. Period!